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BUY 2 Get one FREE!!…..Pointless Print Sale any moment when our new site goes live!!!







Some may have noticed we mentioned that we were going to launch our new website and online store on Monday.  You also may have noticed that it is in fact Monday yet there is no new website or store to see at Well we hit a couple of minor glitches just now but not to worry it should soon be up and running.

Iteration 4a-7: A formal strategy employing the PDD’s Proprietary Staggered Corner Technology for Pedestrian Entry/Exit Apparatuses

NOTE:Below Image shows base model ONLY. Please consult appendix 17-f4 for luxury finish options that match the Pointless Diagram Divisions best selling ‘Fratalian for your Farmhouse™ and ‘Twerk my Tudor™  remodel packages as seen at the New Dimmont Home and Gardening for Gun Owners Expo. Set of 2 folding lounge chairs in your choice of either Fratalian/camo or rifles/camo included with the first 50 orders.

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The-MiniMe Mountain Award”, January Free Gifts, Part 3 and JAN 29 diagram

miriamWell, well, done Miriam. You have won the ‘Mini-Me Mountain award’. What is it you ask? It is an award given to a single customer who buys the September 29th Mountain drawing that is our best selling diagram. How do we choose which customer out of over 20 that bought the Sept 29th drawing wins? Arbitrariness and whim, this is after all the Pointless Diagram Division. Miriam was chosen for two reasons: 1, she also purchased the November 10th ‘Core Sample City’ drawing which is our all time favorite. Lastly she is from our very own North Star State. So congrats to Miriam who won a custom hand drawn original Mini-Me  Mountain that we included as a free gift with her purchase of two prints!

The ‘I got the magic stick’ Award-January Free Gifts, Part 3 and JAN 28 diagram

garishPenelope from Brooklyn is proudly awarded the ‘I got the magic stick’  AKA ‘I’m the Only One with a Refined Monochromatic Aesthetic’

While it is obvious that we here at the Pointless Diagrams Division (PDD) of Nordeast Industries have no shame in admitting a certain fondness to the garish and exuberant, we have admit to being a little saddened that in the entire Continue reading

The ‘I Don’t Know When to Stop Award’-January-Free Gifts, Part 2

Awards and gifts januaryWe are thrilled to award Jean from California with the ‘I Don’t Know When to Stop Award’ for purchasing more items from the Nordeast Industries Etsy Shop in the month of January than any other customer(and all at once!). She bought 9 different limited edition prints, wow. Thank you Jean. Of course, we included the November 16th limited edition print free as we did for all of our January customers, but then we noticed something awful. Jean had ordered 9 prints and had managed not to order our personal favorite, the diagram from November 10th, so we threw a limited edition print of that in too (remember all prints are limited to 40 total and are signed and numbered, once they are gone they are gone). But that make her total 11, if she was Continue reading

JAN 25, Give Freely and Ye Shall be Rewarded

jackson 20 dollar billI, J. W.  Lewandowski, the officially chosen Prophet and conduit to his Holy Pointless Diagram (chosen by myself, but VERY officially chosen(used an extremely ornate crozier and everything!)), hereby announce that His Holiness, our lord, Prince of Pointless. Officiate of obfuscations, the Infinitely Inane and Ever-changing, the Most Mutable, The Marvelous Pointless Diagram was not dead and was not resting the as some false Prophets and blasphemers have been murmuring. It’s Holiness has always been and will always be. Resting and dying are mere mortal traits. What is clear is that if you did not see many Pointless Diagrams this past month or so it was because of YOUR weaknesses and failures as a flawed human and thinking that someone as unworthy as yourself could make sense of everything, thinking you could be godlike just because you have enough fancy tools and computers and parameters to optimize your building to the site perfectly. Continue reading

Don’t Listen to the False Prophets

As has been noted in posts in the past, and is briefly explained on this sites ‘Why?’ page, nearly four months ago the least three competent interns were spun off from Nordeast Industries Design Studio to form the Pointless Diagrams Division (PDD) of the company with the intention that founder Josh Lewandowski could simply draw the diagrams as he always had and simply drop them off into the young’uns mailbox each day. Continue reading